Making My Mother’s Bathroom Accessible January 22, 2018

My mother is in a wheelchair, and when we bought her new home, I knew that there were certain things we were going to need to change about it if she was going to be able to live comfortably.  One of the most important things about the home was going to be the bathroom, as that seems to be the place where more people slip and fall, and it can often be difficult for someone with a physical disability to carry out basic tasks.  This is the reason why one of the very first things that I did was look into handicap bathroom design St Louis in order to see if there was a way that we would be able to remodel her bathroom so that it would be more easily accessible for her.  We needed safety measures, and we needed everything to be easily reached.

handicap bathroom design St Louis

I looked into a number of companies in the local area that handle this very thing.  I saw some of the designs that they had on their websites, and that gave me a good idea as to what exactly we were going for.  Of course, I wish that I could tell you that money was not an issue, but that simply was not the case.  I needed to be able to afford the bathroom renovations, and so I got a few quotes from a few different places in order to find one that I would be able to easily afford.  After looking into all of this, I found the designer that could stay within my budget while also giving my mother everything that she needs.

My mother loves her new bathroom, and she has never had any problems accessing anything in it.  This helps me sleep better at night.

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