Know Your History And You Will Eventually Discover Who Invented Specialized Barbed Wire January 22, 2018

If you know your history well, or remember what you were taught at high school, then you will be reminded that one of the foundations of your country’s democracy was built around owning land. One of the country’s founding fathers believed in this and propagated the fundamental practice of owning land for as long as he was allowed to in a long and active life. Soon enough, land purchased had to be protected.

And you will be amazed to learn that specialty wire was already being put to good use in protecting property as early as the mid-nineteenth century and not too long after the Industrial Revolution. While the nation’s founding fathers’ successors continued their hard work in seeing to it that as many settlers at least had leased land to use, one man went on to invent barbed wire. Just imagine how well this widely used (today) wire was put to use.

specialty wire

No prairie dogs or other predators could invade grazing land and prowl on the livestock. No natives could easily approach the homestead what with barbed wire being in the way. Cattle rustlers spent more of their time puzzling over this new fan-dangled hold-up than stealing prized bulls. Horse owners could allow their prized herds plenty of acreage to roam without ever losing track of them. Back then, thieves would have been miles apart.

But today, especially under cramped, urbanized conditions; thieves are, well, they are thick as thieves. If you own a smallholding or commercial lot with open space, then you need to make use of barbed wire to secure your premises and goods against today’s urban hounds who want nothing more than to maim and destroy, and take what is rightfully yours.

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